Personal Branding

puzzle-rotated_600x275Personal branding is one of today’s most sought after topics by individuals and organizations. It is being widely used by corporations who are seeking to get the best from their current and emerging leaders. Branding is about gaining clarity on your strengths, passions, values, and skills and using this self-awareness to drive greater value for your career and company.

Our program uses a variety of learning tools (assessments, group exercises, presentations and e-learning) to help participants understand their personal brand and how to leverage it.

Learning Objectives

  • What their current professional reputation is and how they can impact it
  • What their greatest strengths are and how to incorporate into everything they do
  • How to increase their visibility internally and externally
  • How to build and maintain a solid professional network by authentically delivering value
  • How to align their brand environment with their personal brand promise
  • How to ensure real-world brand and online brand are consistent and drive value for the organization

Program Includes

  • A pre-workshop webinar
  • 360Reach personal branding assessment
  • Full day workshop
  • Post-workshop activities and e-learning

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