Executive Coaching

Having delivered executive coaching programs in many different models, Berrington Group developed what we believe is the ideal approach to providing corporate high-performers with executive coaching.

With our Executive Coaching Initiative, clients select the program participants, and Berrington Group manages the rest. Tailoring to match client and individual goals, we match each coachee with a well-qualified external coach, facilitate a coaching onboarding program, and manage the program according to our high standards. We have have found that coachees value the fresh perspective an external coach provides.

In addition to managing the program, Cheryl Berrington serves as one of the executive coaches. Due to the demand of this program, Cheryl primarily concentrates her executive coaching in this area.

This six-month program is scalable from 6 to 100 people. It can be delivered for a small executive group or a wider audience.

Learning Objectives

  • Enable and empower coachee to establish new ways of being or behaving
  • Raise level of influence and leadership
  • Create more self-awareness
  • Identify key behaviors of success
  • Identify gaps or blind-spots
  • Elevate decision making capabilities
  • Provide a different perspective to challenges

Program Includes

  • Ten to fifteen hours of coaching that are delivered via phone or Skype
  • Assessments and debriefs
  • Comprehensive program management with check-ins with Berrington Group at  beginning, middle, and end of engagement

2 out of 3 CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice— but nearly all want it. Enable and empower your leaders to establish new ways of being or behaving that raise their influence and ability to make effective decisions and meet challenges.

Read our Executive Coaching Initiative case study.

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